LaaLou is a boutique photography studio specialising in artistic portraits for future mothers, babies and families.

A sweet smile or gentle look...

is all it takes for a baby to melt our hearts.

LaaLou guides you every step of the way in capturing the happiness in these intimate moments of joy and love.

We had a very privileged time at LaaLou. Thanks to their professionalism, gentleness and ability to quickly put us at ease, we were able to enjoy a unique experience that will be engraved in our family’s history forever. Thank you!
Naomi and François

What a relaxing moment for the entire family! The duo was very attentive, patient and professional. My husband doesn’t usually like to have his photo taken, but they succeeded in creating beautiful portraits that he loves. Thank you so much!

We really wanted to make some beautiful memories through maternity and newborn photos to be able to show our daughter later on. Thank you LaaLou for making it happen.
Nadia and Fabio