About us

Kathy (Laa)

Kathy (Laa)

Director of Well-being

Johnny (Lou)

Johnny (Lou)

Chief Executive of Smiles

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  • 25 years experience in baby photos
  • 20 years experience in communication / marketing
  • 16 years experience as parents of 3 girls
  • 100+ hours of specialised newborn and baby training



We give 200% in all our baby photos. Why bother otherwise?


We strive to keep our childlike, artistic outlook on life, even as adults.


It’s better to give than to receive. It’s an important life lesson and one that brings warmth to our hearts.


We’re unfamiliar with words like “boring”, “bland” and “monotonous”. We are continually looking for ways to wow you.


The beautiful garden where we cultivate love, respect and peace.


We’ve learned that the best things in life come with much patience.

Why LaaLou?

The name LaaLou comes from “I Love You”… and the way our girls tried to say these 3 special words for the first time. The visual element of 3 hearts represents each one of our girls.